CD »Let your soul speak«

RF-CD CoverCard Front English RGBText & Sprecherin/Author & Narrator: Kristine Weitzels
CD-Titel/CD-Title: Let your soul speak
Spieldauer/Duration: ca. 66 Minuten/minutes
Format: Audio CD Pressung/Audio CD pressing
Copyright: 2014 by K. Weitzels
Erscheinungsdatum/Release date: 22. Jan. 2015
Preis/Price: € 19.95

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Dies ist die Englische Ausgabe meiner CD »Deine Seele erzählt«, darum ist der nachfolgende Text ebenfalls in Englisch.

This is the English version of my German CD “Deine Seele erzählt”, therefore the following text is also in English.

This CD contains a guide to self-hypnosis, whereby the user can drift into a state of hypnosis (or trance). I have designed this past life regression CD from the experience I have gained over the years through my work as a reincarnation therapist. Many group regressions I conducted within my workshops were also very useful to me in creating this CD. I improved the draft of this CD after each workshop and on the basis of statements by my workshop participants.

This CD consists of three parts:
1. Hypnosis induction, incl. healing meditation (22 minutes)
2. The visit to a past life, from childhood until death (26 minutes)
This experience includes, among other things, the following information:
– Information about the potential karmic connections to people in your current life.
– Your own name from the past life.
– A geographic clue to the region or the country in which you incarnated.
– A date in which the incarnation took place.
3. The journey into the spiritual world after death (18 minutes)
This experience includes, among other things, the following possibilities:
– Contact to your guardian angel or spiritual leader.
– Contact to your soul family.
– Ability to work on or resolve karmic entanglements.
– Information on the age of your soul and the number of its incarnations.

I have tried to create this product with the utmost care. However this CD cannot be a substitute for professional psychotherapy — not even with regard to the processing of an alleged karma. Severe trauma can only be resolved with professional therapy. Use of this CD is at your own risk. The author accepts no responsibility for any consequences. Keep out of reach of children!

Note: The author and narrator of this CD is not a native English-speaker. The user may notice an accent. If you think this might disturb you, then please do not buy this product.

About the author:
Kristine Weitzels, born in Germany, is the author of the German bestseller »Erzählende Seelen« (Narrative Of Souls).
In 2007 she began work as a regression guide, after spending 22 years as an entrepreneur.
In 2008 she passed the examination for naturopathy in the field of psychotherapy. She received her education and training in regression therapy by, among others, Dr. Jan Erik Sigdell and “The Newton Institute”. She has also completed several basic and advanced training programmes in psychotherapy, trauma therapy and other therapeutic methods. For example in family centres by Bert Hellinger, Person Centred Therapy (PCT) by Carl Rogers, psychotherapeutic and trauma set-ups with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert and Matrix Energetics with Dr. Richard Bartlett.
Since 2009, she holds the title reincarnation therapist. In 2011 she published her first book »Erzählende Seelen«. In the meantime, she has published several reference works and novels as well as 3 CDs.

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